Last year I recorded the first suite that I have written. It was no small task but it came together well! I finally got round to filming the music video on Ulleungdo in South Korea!

I filmed a sunrise on my new island home of Ulleungdo in Korea. I thought my tune Lowlight Blues would be a fitting backing track to the time-lapse of the video!

In one of my more recent escapades I carried my pipes up to the top of Hallasan (1950m up and 9.3km long) on Jeju Island in South Korea. So here is a video of me playing my bagpipes on the highest peak in South Korea. The tune is Ar Iarraidh Ort.

The Pap ‘n Haggis Tribute, the quality may leave a lot to be desired but this was one of the highlights of my piping career. If you’re interested in the sheet music for the pipes (with added harmonies) check out my sheet music page!

Arbeit Macht Frei – This tune was inspired after I had visited the Dachau labour camp in Germany. Later I created this simple animation to try further capture the feeling of desolation, loss and alienation that I felt walking around those tragic grounds; enjoy!