Homesick – Ar Iarraidh Ort


When you set out on a long adventure you invariably leave family and friends behind and that is hard. Sometimes coming home is even harder; you have grown on your trip, expanded yourself and broadened your understanding of the world, but those you left behind weren’t part of that growth and you’re no longer reading from the same book. Obviously this doesn’t have to be a permanent state but it is an alienating feeling when you return home! I think most people who have traveled for more than a few weeks can agree.

This blog post is not about the latter feeling, but about homesickness.


From my experience homesickness can come about in many ways, missing a person or people, missing food, missing a place, missing a type of feeling or even just a comforting smell. Maybe all of these together or perhaps just one or two. Sometimes you can feel homesick without having even left your home; it is just that nostalgia of something you no longer have.

I believe that the essence of a good adventure is to remove yourself from your comforts; to truly experience another part of life. This does unfortunately leave you open to a great deal of potential homesickness and I have had my fair share over the years. The tune ‘Ar iarraidh ort’ was written trying to capture that feeling of homesickness and missing one person in particular; my, now, wife Monique. I have put the link to a video of me playing the tune below. I didn’t put the level of gravity into the music that I would normally have wanted but I had just been hiking up a mountain, so playing was a little difficult!


I think the more you travel the easier it gets, or at least the more prepared you are to deal with these feelings. It is also easier traveling with your significant other! I don’t know if there is a generic way to deal with homesickness but I’d suggest accepting that you made the choice to go in one particular direction and consider how different your life would have been if you hadn’t decided to take that step out of the door to see where the road would take you!

To all the friends I have made along the way and to all the friends I had to leave behind; Sláinte!

Note: I started the tune in Ireland so I thought it apt to title the tune in Irish Gaelic, this translation my be wrong but it was what Google translate gave me!

The sheet music for Ar iarraidh ort can be found on my sheet music page!

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