Low Light Blues – a 3/4 in silence

During my final year of my Drama degree I moved up to Johannesburg to attend Wits. I had set my heart on becoming an actor but I still wanted to keep my piping career going, so Joburg, the hometown of the best bands in South Africa, was the best place to do that. 2 years before I had guested with the Transvaal Scottish at the first South African Tattoo and there was no question about joining up with them again.

It was an emotional roller-coaster of a year that pushed me to the limits on many fronts. Not only was I working harder academically than I had ever done before in my life but I was throwing myself into the Theatre, partying harder than I knew I could, practicing my bagpipes in every free minute, skydiving as often as I could afford, unsuccessfully avoiding the criminal element of Joburg, and trying to keep in touch with all my different friend groups.

Near the end of the year I had a few evenings when I could just sit in silence, something that had become quite a luxury, and on one particular evening I just never got round to turning on the lights in my Res room. There was a rather dim outside light that eventually came on and through my curtains it created a rather ethereal mood in my room. That evening I wrote the tune Low Light Blues; inspired by the serene quiet of my mind and otherworldly feeling of just sitting in secondhand light while the world passes by.

Check out my Sheet Music page for the complete score!

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